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Stress in the environment caused by the use of non-renewable energy sources is increasing, but there are environmentally friendly alternatives. Today's decisions influence tomorrow,
be part of a greener world.







What is photovoltaic energy?

Photovoltaic energy is electrical energy produced from sunlight, and can be produced even on cloudy or rainy days. The greater the solar radiation, the greater the amount of electricity produced.

1. Solar panels capture light and transform it into Direct Current (DC) electrical energy.

4.  The bidirectional meter registers and injects the surplus generated into the distribution network.

2.  The inverter converts this DC to Alternating Current (AC) according to your installation.

5. Your home remains connected to the distributor's network using electricity when consumption is greater than your system's generation or during the night.

3 .  The energy reaches your board and is distributed throughout your home or business.


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  • How do I install solar energy?
    The first step is to click here and we will send you a proposal according to your needs. If the proposal is approved, we carry out a technical visit at the installation site to verify if there are any technical impediments to the approval of the system. Once everything is in agreement, we prepare all the necessary project and documentation for access to the network. Then just install the system. The last stage of the project is the activation and replacement of the energy meter made by the local distributor to account for your credits and then you will start saving on your bill.
  • How much will I save by installing a solar system?
    The characteristics of the installation of the property and the photovoltaic system must be taken into account, which can lead to savings of 90% of the total value of the bill. To find out how much you will save, tell us more about your consumption characteristics and we will send you a monthly savings perspective by clicking here.
  • Can I reset my energy bill?
    No. It is necessary to pay the Tariff or Minimum Fee, it is the payment of an amount on the electricity bill referring to the availability of the electrical network for the consumer to use it. As the end user has all the infrastructure of the local concessionaire at his disposal, it is necessary to pay a monthly amount, even if there is no consumption.
  • How much does a photovoltaic solar system cost?
    Generally, the financial constraints of a solar system are physical space, installed power and the amount you are willing to invest in clean energy. Tell us more details about your need and we will send you a free proposal by clicking here.
  • How long does it take to install a solar power system?
    Installation time between 1 and 3 days, depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, several factors influence the system installation process and the total period is from 45 to 90 days.
  • Is it possible to generate solar energy in one property and consume it in another?
    Yes. Consumer units owned by the same Legal Entity, including head office and branch, or the same Individual that has a consumer unit with microgeneration or mini-generation distributed in a different location from the consumer units, within the same concession or permission area, in which the surplus energy will be compensated.
  • How long does the solar energy system last?
    The estimated durability is between 25 and 30 years.
  • What is the size (power) of the system I need to produce solar energy for my home or business?
    In principle, the proposal is made according to your consumption, however, there are other limitations such as physical space and installed power, for example.
  • Does the photovoltaic system need maintenance?
    It is recommended that maintenance should be done annually. In places where it doesn't rain much and there's a lot of dust, every 6 months.
  • Is it possible to monitor the solar energy production of my system?
    Yes. It is necessary to have internet available at the installation site to connect the inverter. Depending on the manufacturer, the device is sold separately.
  • If I produce more energy than I consume, is it possible to sell the surplus?
    No. Current legislation does not allow you to sell your credits, but it is possible to use them in another facility as long as it is the same customer and the same distributor.
  • If the electricity goes out on the street, will my system still work?
    No. For photovoltaic systems connected to the grid (on grid), the answer is not. In this configuration, the system operates in parallel with the electrical grid and has a protection mechanism called anti-islanding, which ceases system operation until grid power is restored. This is necessary for your system and network security.
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